When you want to get into a relationship, be sure that you are ready. Do not say you THINK you are ready because thinking is too academic. Cerebral. Heartless.

Do not make someone your guinea pig. They are not toys to be played with. They have hearts. They get hurt. They are humans.

Committing to someone is serious business. You do not say “I THINK I am ready”. It is not a thought. I repeat. It is not a thought. It is a feeling. It is an emotion. It is a belief.


When you want to get out of a relationship, don’t do it virtually – may it be through SMS, email, IM, phone call. It reeks of cowardice.

Have the decency to break the news personally. It is the hardest thing to do but it is the right move. Explain your reasons. Answer their questions as honestly as you can. It can be brutal but breakups usually are.

Do not say that you want a cool off AND then say that they should not, for now, expect that you would return anytime soon. Those statements are contradicting.

When they ask you if cool off for you meant you’re coming back or you’re breaking up for good, do not say MAYBE YES, MAYBE NOT.

Do not sugarcoat.

Do not give an answer with gray areas. It must be in black and white. It must be a YES or a NO. Maybes are not welcome.

If you want a breakup then break it. If you want a cool off mention a timeframe. It may not be accurate but at least they can hold on to this small flicker of hope.

Do not leave them holding the short end of the stick. That’s selfish.

Do not leave them with mouth agape. And questions begging to be answered swirling in their minds.


You. Too bad the last thought you have of me was a pathetic, pride-swallowing, and pleading scud. What you don’t know is I was mad. Less than a minute after you finally broke it off. I AM mad. Stark. Raving. Mad.

I am blinded by rage.
You did this to me.

I want the old scud back.
I miss the guy.
Where could he be hiding?

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