The Break-Up

I was in love. I am still in love. Then this morning she broke the news that I’ve been dreading for the past month. Cool off daw muna kami.

I froze. I felt numb. Cold. I started to shiver. I felt like life, for a moment, was sucked out of me. I wanted to fight for us but she does not want to. I felt powerless.

I told her I had so much love to give but she does not want any of it. So I let her go.

I stayed true to my promise that if ever she wants out I won’t beg for her to stay. I won’t get mad. I won’t curse which is totally out of character.

I wished her a good life and that she would meet someone who could give her the happiness she did not find in me.

I still feel like crap.

I got dumped.

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