Scud at the Movies: Part XI

I have decided to quit doing quicky movie reviews. Moving forward I would be listing the title, my rating, and a sentence or two on what I think about the movie. And here we go…

Gran Torino (5/5). Another wonderfully-made movie from Clint Eastwood. Watch this!

Enduring Love (5/5). Rhys (Notting Hill) stalks Craig (Casino Royale) after they get involved in a hot air balloon rescue attempt gone awry. Great! Watch this!

Sophie’s Choice (4.5/5). A couple and an aspiring writer meet in New York and embark in a complicated friendship. It also is about the Holocaust. Watch this!

Me and You and Everyone We Know (4.5/5). A quirky film consisting of several intertwining love stories. Watch this.

He’s Just Not That Into You (4.5/5). I don’t think this is a chick flick. It’s not cheesy and actually quite wonderful to watch. Watch this!

A Room with a View (4/5). One of the great Merchant-Ivory productions released in the 90s. A love story set in the 19th century. Nice.

Wendy and Lucy (3.5/5). A heartbreaking story of a girl and her dog stuck in a sleepy town in America. Michelle Williams is a gem.

T2 (3.5/5). If you expect a screamfest ala Feng Shui and Sukob then this film will disappoint you. The first part plays out like a domestic drama, the middle part is terrific, the end is duh.

Fast and Furious (3/5). Major characters from the first 3 installments gather in this fourth movie of car racing. There is nothing new in this movie that I haven;t seen before. Same old, same old.

The Good Girl (2.5/5). I read somewhere many years ago that this was a good movie. I don’t think it is. Drab.

I’m Not There (2.5/5). I don’t understand why this film was praised by critics. Is it because I don’t know any of Bob Dylan’s songs which by the way is the inspiration for the film?

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