Scud at the Movies: Part X

Frost/Nixon. This is how plays, like Closer, should be adapted into a motion picture and not the overrated Doubt. Frank Langella as Richard Nixon is unbelievable. He manages to make a reviled character sympathetic. The extreme close-ups of Langella with no dialogue towards the end of the movie is sheer genius. I never expected Ron Howard to ably direct a movie of this calibre. I will always remember him as the director of Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, and the disappointing Da Vinci Code. Watch this!


Field of Dreams. This film was released during the Kevin Costner era – Dances with Wolves, The Bodyguard – about baseball but not entirely about baseball. This is also about family, of dreams, and of second chances. Heartwarming. Feel-good.


Defiance. James Bond, Sabretooth, and Billy Elliott star as true-to-life Jewish siblings during World War II that chronicles their lives in the jungles of Europe as they try to survive and evade their Nazi pursuers.


A Fish Called Wanda. This film is about what happens when robbers try to screw each other after a heist. Kevin Kline won an Oscar Supporting Actor for this movie but I think John Cleese was more hilarious.


The Bank Job. The best Jason Statham movie thus far based on true events. Watch this!


You Changed My Life. I dig the corny one-liners. Hilarious. Watch this!

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