Scud’s Travels: Bantayan Island, Cebu

5 is the number of years I spent in Cebu as a college student.

1 is the number of times I went to a Cebu beach in a span of 5 years. Heck, I could not even remember what beach we went to.

2 is the number of times I went back after college graduation. The first time was a stopover from Boracay in 2006. The second time was with my family to do some Christmas shopping in 2007.

7 is the number of years I let pass before deciding to go “beaching” in Cebu.

5 is the number of hours we travelled to get to Sta. Fe, Bantayan – 1 hour by plane, 3 hours by bus, 1 hour by ferry. That number excludes the transfer and waiting time.

7.5 is the total number of hours we travelled from the time the plane left Manila to the time we set foot in Sta. Fe, Bantayan.


Sta. Fe is the town in Bantayan where beaches with clear aqua blue waters and white sand are found. The beaches of Sta. Fe may rival that of Boracay but the similarity ends there.

Boracay boasts of all-night parties, high-class hotels and restaurants, and other beach activities like parasailing, banana boat riding, etc. Sta. Fe has none of these.

Life there is laid-back. Quaint. Quiet. Simple. Peaceful. I liked it. The place is
the best place to relax and hit the beach shirtless without getting conscious of your non-existent chest, sagging shoulders, protruding belly, and chicken legs.

We stayed at Kota Beach Resort which probably has the best shoreline in the island and the best view to witness the sunrise. It also has a sandbar and a surprisingly warm “lagoon” that is only chest-high at its deepest during high tide. I could have stayed there for hours.

I had fun. And I want to go back. And do these things all over again.

1. Walking to the sandbar late at night then lying in the sand on my back staring at the moonless but star-filled sky while the sound of the surf almost lulled me to sleep.
2. Jumping at night on an almost dried-up portion of the beach. The sand that we landed on would light up for a second or two. This is caused by an algae similar to that scene where diCaprio and the French girl swam in the beach at night in Danny Boyle’s The Beach.
3. Going to Bantayan (the island’s capital) to buy danggit, visit the 400-year-old church, and stroll in the town plaza.
4. Eating at Blue Ice Bear and Hard Kock Cafe. Weird names but these two restaurants serve the best food.
5. Relaxing at the beach while amusingly observing a group of local tourists play hide-and-seek in near darkness.
6. Relaxing on our cottage’s veranda.
7. Snorkling in Virgin Island.
8. Walking the Sta. Fe shoreline passing through 3 other resorts – Budyong Beach, Yooneek Beach, and Sugar Beach.
8. Enjoying the sunset and sunrise at the beach.
9. Taking photos similar to those I uploaded below and in my previous post.


Kota Beach Resort

Kota Beach Resort – Lagoon, Sandbar, and Shoreline

Kota Beach Resort – Lagoon, Sandbar, and Shoreline

Kota Beach Resort – Taken from the banca on the way to Virgin Island

Virgin Island

Virgin Island – Snorkling Area

Virgin Island – Snorkling Area

Virgin Island – Snorkling Area

Bantayan Sunset

Bantayan Sunset

Kota Beach Resort – Cottage

Kota Beach Resort – View from the cottage
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