Books! Books! Books!

After hitting the gym today I passed by National Bookstore. My intention was to use the store as a shortcut to where I was going to get my lunch. Then I saw salesladies picking hardbound books out of boxes and placing it in shelves tagged as “SALE”.

I made my way to where the shelves were. A guy, who came in before me, was carrying a basket filled with Ludlum books. I saw a book, which just a year ago cost P700 on sale, that now costs P90. It was real bargain. I immediately picked it up. Then another. And another. After minutes of browsing each shelf I bought these books, each for P99.






Books that I wanted to buy but willed myself not to were Google’s history and The Long Night of Winchell Dear. I even saw copies of Death in Belmont (bought mine at Booksale for P10), Atonement, Thirteen Moons.

My problem now is how to finish all my unread books, currently counting to around 20 excluding ebooks, before I go for another book binge.

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