Scud’s Travels: Mount Pinatubo

It started when I asked my college buddy Dong how to get to Mount Pinatubo (he had been there a few years ago) since I and another friend from my previous work were planning to trek to Pinatubo’s crater lake.

Dong asked his contacts the logistics for the Pinatubo trip. Unknowingly he was slowly organizing a Pinatubo trip. He invited his blogger friends. I invited ex-officemates. His blogger friends and my ex-officemates invited their friends. And maybe their friend’s friends. Parang pyramid scam!

There were 27 of us who trekked to Pinatubo. It was fun. Tiring. Dusty. It was hot. Then the sky darkened. Then it drizzled. Then it was hot again.

I lost count how many times I almost slipped from the rocks I stepped on which could have sprained (or twisted) my ankle.
But it was all worth it when we arrived at the crater. The crater is breathtakingly beautiful. Serene.
The lake, accumulated from all the rain since it erupted in 1992, was large. Blue. Cold. Deep.

We ate our lunch. We chatted. We took a swim in the lake. And we took pictures.

Here are some of the pictures I took in silent mode.

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