Scud’s Random Thoughts: Part VI

Fever. Asthma. Cough. Colds. I have all of these inside of a week after moving in to our new office location. I blame it on (house) dust, which I am allergic to, and bad management. They made us move to the new site without vacuuming the whole floor. I heard that the floor was foggy with dust early Monday morning. Ggggrrrr…

I had dinner with a few friends a couple of nights back. Two of them are leaving – one for Melbourne, the other for Philadelphia. That means no summer outing, no dinners, and no Red Box for the whole gang.
I got my annual salary increase and it had me grinning from ear to ear. The amount isn’t worth bragging but still it is way better than what I expected. I think I even got promoted since the percentage increase I got was in the same range as those from my team who got promoted earlier in the year. No cause for celebration. Performance evaluation rating is yet to be discussed with me and it is already a month delayed. Bad management!

Oscar nominations are out and you can find the official list here.There were major surprises. The Dark Knight was scratched from the Best Picture list and replaced with The Reader (the book, by the way, is a great read). Clint Eastwood’s acclaimed and box office hit Gran Torino didn’t get any Oscar love. Kate Winslet got nominated for Lead Actress, not for Revolutionary Road as widely predicted, but for The Reader. And Dev Patel who played the Slumdog Millionaire got shut out for Supporting Actor.

Today is the fifth day of the Australian Open. Roger Federer and Marat Safin will battle it out later for a place in the fourth round. I hope Safin wins. I’d be comfortably propped in my bed by then. I called-in sick.

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