Scud’s Random Thoughts: Part V

I saw Twilight back home and it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. It didn’t make me want to grab a copy either. The story was bland and so was Pattinson. I enjoyed Hitman and The Land Before Time. The latter movie was a hit with my niece. She demanded to watch the “dinosaur” movie every day.


In addition to Norwegian Wood, I also finished John Knowles’ A Separate Peace and Michael Ondaatje’s Divisadero during my 17-day vacation. I liked Divisadero more than A Separate Peace. Maybe because I was expecting to be blown away by Knowles’ book, which was highly recommended by someone, but I wasn’t. Of the three, I would still recommend Norwegian Wood.


2009 is the final season of competitive tennis for one of my favorite tennis players ever, Marat Safin. Hingis is gone and now him. Haay. Thank goodness there’s Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, and Jankovic to cheer on.


Today is my second day at work of the year. Petiks mode. No tasks. Idle. Blog hopping na naman. Wohooo!


After ignoring my Facebook account for months I finally was able to update my profile, upload photos, and add friends. Facebook is way cooler than Friendster. I’m hooked.


I received this ym message from a friend:

“kailangan ni son gokou ng tulong para matalo c majin boo
send this to ur friends pra matulungan c gokou
wag kang tumawa!!
para ito sa kaligtasan ng planet earth!!!
Itaas nyo mga kamay nyo para mkabuo ng spirit ball
please.. wag kang tumawa!
para to sa kaligtasan ng planet earth!”

Have a great week, everyone!

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