Scud’s Random Thoughts: Part IV

Five days. That’s the number of days I’ve been home. And each of those days I’ve seen my four-year-old niece dance to the tune of Bratney Spears’ manizer (her term not mine). She’s a riot. I even took a video of her gyrating in my bed and in our porch using my lola’s walker as props. Kids.


I went to my high school friend’s wedding – the main reason why I took an early Christmas break. I haven’t seen her more beautiful or happier than she was that day. She was beaming. I brought my camera with me and took lots of pictures. I was surprised that some of the pics turned out well. My friends were impressed. I’m actually getting better with this. Hehe.


At the reception, I was surprised to see my yaya from my grade school and high school days. She didn’t change a bit. We talked for awhile, asked how each other was doing, and parted ways. What a small world.


I finally finished Haruki Murikami’s Norwegian Wood. The book is written in the first person and it is a great read. There’s some heavy stuff, lots of (casual) sex, and humor. Read this.

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