Chances Are

A couple of weeks back I sent out my resume to a company who was in urgent need of IT people. The HR gave me a call that I was qualified for the job and advised me to modify my resume before it can be forwarded to the client. I did and had my first client interview.

A week later I heard my manager, whose workstation is just a few feet from mine, talking to someone over the phone. A few minutes after ending the call she burst out laughing. She called my lead and other teammates within earshot that she had a funny story to tell. My teammates immediately gathered near her workstation. I didn’t join in the huddle since I was swamped with work. But I eavesdropped.

This is how her story goes.

Just that morning she sent out her resume to a prospective employer. The HR called and informed her to reformat her resume and that a template had been sent to her email address. When the email arrived she was surprised that the template sent was my modified resume!

When I heard that part I turned my chair around in disbelief. Everyone was laughing. I was like wtf! I was pissed for a bit until it sunk in that the whole thing was actually funny. I wondered if my resume is really that good that it was now being used as a template.

That bit of news reached the company and two weekends ago the erring HR called me to apologize. It was no big deal really. I wasn’t going to blow the whole thing out of proportion. I did ask if how many copies of my resume were sent out. It turned out that the HR only sent it to one applicant – to my manager. Kung mamalasin ka nga naman.

And one more thing. I passed the first client interview. Wohooo! The second is in the works. Probably in the next couple of weeks. If I get hired, which I don’t think will happen, then in a month or two I’d be in a plane scared shitless but excited of a new life in a foreign land.

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