It’s a half-hour before the clock strikes 2am on a Saturday morning. I just got back from a drinking binge with five of my teammates. My eyes are drooping but I can’t seem to fall asleep. Thoughts are running through my head. Random thoughts that I can’t quite put into writing.

I am doing fine now. Thursday night was maybe an effect of working for 13 hours trying to debug a program that refused to be debugged. It was mentally draining. I felt incompetent. Brainless. Dull.

I finally found the fix late Friday afternoon after hours of computer-cursing and mouse-bashing. I was ecstatic. And so was the client. She said we need to go out for dinner, her treat, when I’d go and visit the client site. I don’t think that would happen. She lives in the East Coast. And well, you know where I live.

45 minutes has passed since I started writing this entry. My back aches. My eyes hurt. That’s the signal to finally hit the sack. I leave you with this text message that my officemate sent me minutes after we parted ways earlier.

i drink.
i fight.
i flirt.
i go home late.

these are the things
that make others
hate me

but what they
don’t know is

i drink with the people i
trust who’ll take care of
me when i am drunk.

i fight when my loved
ones were hurt and knowing
that i’m fighting for the right

i flirt with someone that i
know only flirts with me and
not with somebody else.

and i go home late cause i
just don’t want any of my
friends going home alone.

those people who
understand and will
understand, those are true

Have a great weekend everyone!

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