Scud’s Random Thoughts: Part III

Prince of Persia, the video game that to this day I still have to figure out how to play in my psp, is now being shot as a live action movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Wohoo! I hope the movie is as bloody as the video game. Hehe…


I watched the last few games of the 2nd and 3rd set of the federer-murray round robin match at the Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai which the latter won in 3 tight sets 4-6, 7-6, 7-5. It was a fascinating match. Excellent shotmaking. Drop shots, slices, net play, laserlike groundstrokes, unbelievable gets. It was not your typical slam bang tennis.

Two memorable games stood out that Federer won. These were the 36-shot rally late in the 2nd set and the 20-minute 10-deuce 10th game of the 3rd set. I tell you, if they only played those two games in the match I would still have gotten my money’s worth. The match reminded me a bit of the classic Wimbledon final played this year.

Here’s hoping Nole and Andy win their respective semifinal matches today.


Survivor Update! Charisse won immunity and Vern got the boot. Nagsimula na ang pagtatanggal sa mga Jarakays. Cha’s head is in the chopping block next week courtesy of the black pearl but I’m guessing the Naaks will boot out Marlon next. Too bad since Marlon is a pretty good strategic player. Maangas nga lang.


I was scourging for books at Booksale last Sunday and found a copy of Bernhard Schlink’s The Reader for 40 pesos. Wohooo! A few weeks back I also found copies of Tom Perotta’s Little Children, John Grogan’s Marley & Me, and James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces. I actually have the last two books but they were too cheap to pass up and in mint condition to boot. Parang binili ko sa Powerbooks.


I finally found a copy of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood at Bestseller’s. It was a little bit expensive than the usual paperback books but what the heck. Nag-iisang copy na lang yun. People who have read the book say that it is similar, and in some way, better than J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. I hope I won’t be disappointed.


One time my manager (female) wanted to charge her laptop but since there was no free power outlet on her cube she asked my team lead (male) if she could use my tl’s power outlet. My TL agreed. This was their conversation a few hours later:

Manager : TL, pakihugot na nga nyan. Kanina pa yan nakasaksak eh. Nag-iinit na dito (referring to her laptop).
Team Le : (Laughing) Ano’ng ihuhugot ko? Wala naman ah. At ba’t ka naman nag-iinit.
Manager : (Laughing) Baliw!


An officemate, who I shall be calling Ms Melamine, started a conversation with me regarding musical plays. We talked about West Side Story which we both watched separately. She babbled on about the other plays she had attended. I feigned interest and played with my pc’s mouse instead. After a few minutes, she mentioned that a Hollywood musical starring John Travolta was being locally staged and was grasping for the title. She asked me what the title was. I feigned ignorance.

Allow me to digress a bit. I have to write about this. Hehe. I’m pretty good at remembering movie titles. I remember a few month’s back our 16-member team held charades. Local movie titles daw. Each person must write on paper a movie titles that they want the other team to guess. I wrote “Ang Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo”. When entry was picked it was a riot. They couldn’t figure out what simboryo was. Yza, who unfortunately picked my title, complained incessantly and tried to draw a snake on the white board. Her teammates shouted “Ano yan? Bulate?”. More laughter.

Now back to Ms Melamine. I thought for a bit and told her I didn’t know what the title was. Then she smiled. Parang alam na daw niya ang title. Sounds like “Paintbrush” daw. I burst out laughing. In between gasps for breath I told her I knew what the title was. “Hairspray”. I laughed some more while she pouted and beat my arm with her stuffed toy. Sweet!

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