Scud’s Random Thoughts: Part II

A survey came out friday that the leading presidential candidate for the 2010 elections is Noli de Castro. Wtf! Di na talaga natuto tayong mga Pinoy. Are we seriously going to vote someone who made a career out of reading the news and hosting a magazine talk show? Are we going to vote someone who has not said nary a word regarding the corruption and lies that hound the administration he is serving? Lord help us if he wins.


Venus Williams beat Vera Zvonareva 6-7, 6-0, 6-2 in the finals of the WTA Championships in Doha. She won an incredible $1.34M for winning all five matches in the 8-woman field tournament. Wow! The commentator mentioned that Martina Hingis and Venus turned professional one week from each other. And that Hingis won her 5 majors even before Venus won her first at Wimbledon in 2000. This year, Hingis has retired and Venus is still in the tour winning her 7th Slam and 5th Wimbledon title. I told a friend a few weeks back that I don’t have the same passion for the WTA after Hingis retirement. Bummer.


The ATP Championships (Shanghai Masters) is currently being held in Shanghai. Novak Djokovic has guaranteed himself a spot in the semifinals after winning his first two matches against del Potro and Davydenko. Wohoo! I’m hoping Nole meets Murray in the finals.


On our weekly Manila team meeting last Friday our manager informed us that we can individually talk to the higher management regarding our salary increases. For what? Para lalong mainis? Ma-bad trip? Hindi na. Maghahanap na lang ako ng malilipatan. I actually won’t know my increase until mid-December when I turn 2 years but based on ALL who have received theirs, my prospect of getting a decent increase won’t happen. Bummer.


Blogging. Ito ang kinahihiligan ko lately. An online journal. Pansin niyo naman halos araw-araw ako nagpopost. Araw-araw din ako nag-tsetsek ng blogs ng iba. Ayos magbasa ng blogs lalo ung mga “personal” bloggers. Sila yung mga nagsusulat about their personal experiences, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. These bloggers pour their hearts out in their writings, giving me a glimpse of the lives they live. These bloggers inspire and make me forget the sometimes rotten life that I live. Atticus, Duke, Ely, Jayclops, Zherwin – saludo ako sa inyo. Pinapangarap ko that I could write as well as you all do. Props also goes to Raft3r, whose blog I accidentally stumbled on yesterday, who write short but interesting entries.


I chanced upon the TV show A Moment of Truth on Saturday while waiting for the rain to stop. The premise of the show is a contestant is placed on the hot seat and asked very personal and damning questions. After a certain number of questions is answered correctly, the contestant wins $25000 and can go up to $500000. It’ showcases man’s greed and how man is willing to sacrifice treasured relationships. The guy on the hot seat on Saturday’s show confessed tht he maintains a spreadsheet of all the girls he has slept with, that he has had over 100 sexual relations with women, that he got paid for sex in college while his parents, sister, girlfriend,and friend looked on. Then he stopped when he won $100000. I’m not sure if this show is bogus or not but it sure caught my attention. And I have to admit, I was entertained. Aabangan ko yun sa Sabado. Haha…


I finished reading Sebastian Junger’s non-fiction book A Death in Belmont about a serial killer, aptly named Boston Strangler, who strangled and raped women in the 60s in Boston. It is a nice book to read but not one that I would recommend.


Watching A Very Special Love, starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo, was a welcome respite from the dreary movies I’ve watched for the past few weeks. The film is not an entirely a love story but also about acceptance. It was sweet, funny, and utterly forgettable.


Survivor Philippines is getting better and better everyday. Kiko’s ouster changed the dynamics of the game and made it more interesting. I still hate Marlon even though he’s a hoot. Tarantadong gago. He should get the boot but based on what I saw on last night’s episode where Nay Zita was interviewed looking fresh and well-rested wearing a yellow-orange blouse (which I think she has not worn in previous episodes) is a telling sign that she gets the boot Friday. Dammit!

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