Condrado de Quiros’ There’s The Rub – Nov1008. “I myself roared my approval last Wednesday in the quiet of my neighborhood when CNN projected Obama the winner. When I saw that image of Jackson, I felt the hair on my body stand on end. Few images have moved me to the depths of my soul. That one did.” Read more…

Scott R. Garceau’s The X-Pat Files – Nov0908. “One of the unexpected benefits of Barack Obama’s historic victory last Tuesday: I, as an American, earned a few extra pogi points.
It’s true. Even walking around in Manila’s malls right after the US elections were over, I felt a little lighter. Happier. Less like a war criminal. Even received unsolicited smiles from people. It was like people instinctively recognized: hey, you Americans can get something right after all. Even here, people seemed to recognize that democracy can work. That’s got to be inspiring.”
Read more…

Jessica Zafra’s Emotional Weather Report – Nov0908. “There are moments that you know will go down in history. Most of them happen when you’re looking the other way, or too engrossed in your own life to be bothered. This one had the advantage of having a broadcast schedule so we could make the necessary preparations. My friends and I agreed weeks earlier that we would watch the election coverage together. I suggested a restaurant with cable TV, but none of the sports bars appealed to us. Joey’s brilliant idea was for us to rent a room at a videoke lounge, watch CNN, and between reports, perform election-related songs, such as Noel’s rendition of Meryl Streep’s rendition of ABBA’s The Winner Takes It All. Unfortunately the nearest videoke place had no cable TV, and the other one didn’t open until 3 p.m. So we ended up in Ricky’s apartment, which has a flatscreen TV, Wi-Fi, and a fridge full of sweet corn.” Read more…

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