A Much Needed Break

I called in sick today. I have been sick for the past couple of weeks but I still dragged myself to work every morning since I was given this task, which is pretty major, to do some program changes before the UK and US reverts to Standard Time. Ganyan ako kasipag. But I’m going to stop being a workaholic from hereon. You see, most of my teammates got their salary letters and they got only a whopping 2% salary increase. Mataas pa ang interest ng mga credit cards. I won’t know mine till December when I turn 2 years old sa company ko. Pero alam ko na ngayon kung magkano yun. Peste. Nakakawalang ganang mag-trabaho.

Kaya eto ako ngayon. Nagpapahinga. Nagbabasa ng libro. Nanood ng Heroes. Manonod ng movies mamaya. Sarap ng buhay ko. Ngayon lang naman. Escapism. Hehe.

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