Survivor Philippines: Update 2

My rants:
1. Talo na naman ang Naak! Bwisit!
2. Si tarantadong Marlon is irritating. Yes, I admire how he strategizes and plays mind games when it comes to alliances but during challenges his mind games is irritating bordering on foul. For the past few weeks since SP started this guy has been slowly getting into my nerves. Antagonist. I also particularly don’t like how he registers on screen – mayabang, siga, masyadong bilib sa sarili. Kung naging ka-opisina ko sya, baka walang linggo na di kami mag-aaway.
3. Sayang si Nina. She’s an intelligent player but does not comes off as condescending like Marlon. I wonder how far she would have gone had she not had the injury. Siguro she would have made a power play and connived to vote off Marlon.

My speculations:
1. Now that Nina is gone andNaak will be voting off their third member in four weeks of play the number of players from each tribe will be even with 6 team members each. If the spoilers and my speculation from my previous post are true, then Naak will be voting off Vhev tomorrow.
2. If the spoilers are true, then this week will be the last IC where Naak will lose if they were to gain the upper hand when both tribes merge in three weeks.
3. The next two weeks will be crucial to determine if the spoilers are indeed true. Naak will have to win the next two ICs so that when the tribes merge there would be 6 Naaks and 4 Jarakays. Naak could then vote off the 4 remaining Jarakays, that is if the lone Jarakay standing doesn’t win the IC when 7 castaways remain.
4. It is also possible that when the tribes merge there would be an equal number of members from each tribe. For the spoilers to be true, then one of the Jarakays will vote with Naak. But I think that this scenario is unlikey to happen.

My fearless forecast for next week’s boot:
Naak will win IC. Jarakay votes off John on Oct 17. Why John? He’s becoming a liability – see how John was visible trembling during this week’s IC.

If John gets the boot and the IC on the week of Oct 20 will be extremely physical (Jace and Marlon na lang ang natitirang lalaki) then wala silang laban against Naak who would still have Cris, JC, Rob, and Kiko.

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