US Open 2008: The Final Weekend

The final slam of the year in tennis, the Us Open, ends this weekend. At the start of the tourney three weeks ago, I made a prediction on who would be the last 4 men and women standing. I’m proud to say (or write) that I was spot-on in predicting the last four women (Jelena Jankovic, Serena Williams, Dinara Safina, and Elene Dementieva). I’m going to go further and predict who would meet in the finals, win the title, and become world number one by Monday (whoever wins the women’s singles title will be crowned World Number 1). My predictions are:

Serena Williams beats Dinara Safina
Jelena Jankovic beats Elene Dementieva

Serena Williams beats Jelena Jankovic

In the men’s game, I was only 3 of four predicting Richard Gasquet to reach the sf (my other predictions were Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray). Gasquet lost in the 1st round to Tommy Haas in 5 sets. If only I tweaked the rules a bit and allowed myself to predict more than 2 players in the top 5 I would have chosen Roger Federer instead of the inconsistent Gasquet. The great thing about the men’s game is that all four semifinalists will own the top 4 rankings on Monday. Nadal will still be number 1. If Federer loses to Djokovic and Djokovic wins the men’s singles title, he will rise to second in the rankings. Federer will be third and Murray rises 2 spots to 4th place. My predictions are:

Rafael Nadal beats Andy Murray
Novak Djokovic beats Roger Federer

Novak Djokovic beats Rafael Nadal

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