I’m tagging myself on this blog which I recently discovered while passing the time in the office. Dahil panay documentation lang ang task ko for today, I might as well write a blog entry. Haha. Here is my list of ten weird things or habits or little known facts about myself.

1. When I was in kindergarten, I fell on an empty swimming pool which tore open the side of my mouth while playing habulan with my classmates. I remember telling my teacher that I can’t feel my tounge and it might have been removed when when I fell. The innocence of a child. Haha. The reason? My mouth was so full of blood. A small reminder of that incident is a small scar which looks like a dimple (even whem i’m not smiling) on the left side of my mouth.

2. I have the habit of removing my leather shoes while working. I roam around the vicinity of my account’s working area without my shoes. It feels very comfy. Parang nasa bahay lang. This shot was taken by RR from my previous company.

3. I usually use the word “Lintek” when I’m pissed and things are not going smoothly sa office (read: slow internet connection). I also slam the mouth on my desk to show that I’m really pissed.

4. I don’t mind watching movies in theatres by myself. In fact, I watched The Dark Knight at GB3 alone since my friend, who I made plans with to watch the movie together, could not make the 8:15pm screening. I no longer watch obscure, non-mainstream movies shown in theatres by myself since I had a not-so-memorable experience(s) back in college.

5. I’m afraid of heights. I don’t remember when I started having achrophobia but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t during my student years. I remember me and some relatives went to Enchanted Kingdom and I pretty much sat on the floor of the Ferris Wheel cage that we rode. There’s a video of that somewhere in my cousin’s house. Here’s hoping it won’t get uploaded into you tube.

6. Maingat sa gamit. In fact I still have my Sony cd player that mama bought for me in ’99 and a Timex watch in ’97. I still use the Timex watch when I go on dvd-hunting and the cd player still works but I no longer use it.

7. I won an online contest conducted by Jessica Zafra when she first “premiered” her column in the Philippine Star. That’s the second time my name got printed on a national newspaper. The first one was when I passed an engineering licensure examination back in 2002. I won a free book. Too bad it wasn’t autographed.

8. I only got into a one-sided fist fight once. It was 9pm and raining very hard. A neighbor accused me of giving the dirty-finger to her sister, which I honestly did not do, and wanted to drag me to their house which was only a few meters away from where he stopped me to talk about it. Naturally, I brushed his arm aside but hell ensued when his other siblings appeared and started pointing fingers at me. I wasn’t afraid then. I was fuming mad. When the brother lunged at me, his siblings struggled to refrain him. That was my cue. I jabbed him in the jaw and ran home. That must have hurt and I was able to put to good use my college ring.

9. I was a sacristan (altar boy) back in grade school. When I told my friends from my previous company that I was once an altar boy they thought I was kidding. Who would have thought that the meek and obedient boy that I once was could become a curse-loving, opinionated, and reklamador (not-so-young) man.

10. Dahil number 10 na dadamihan ko na. Hehe.

I don’t know how to cook. Marunong naman ako magsaing ng kanin without the use of a rice cooker, boil eggs, fry hotdogs, and cook pancit canton but that’s about it.

I don’t know how to swim.

I don’t know how to play chess.

I don’t know how to use chopsticks.

I don’t know how to whistle.

I don’t know how to multiply using my fingers (pointing the tips of the fingers towards each other).

I only started wearing prescription glasses after graduating from college.

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