Friday Night Lights

I have seen great tv series like the mafia-inspired The Sopranos, the dysfunctional Fisher family of Six Feet Under, the paranormal-centric The X Files, and most recently Lost but these shows are not as real or as gritty or as “relatable” compared to Friday Night Lights. Some may have their reservations since the show’s title suggests that the storyline revolve around football but trust me that in this tv show football takes a backseat. The show is more about the life of the football players, their coach, their family, their lives. In short, this is a story about relationships – of family, of husbands and wives, of fathers and sons, of fathers and daughters, of lovers, of friends. Remove football from the equation and you have a show that is very Pinoy sans the melodrama and over-the-top-acting.

I’m halfway through the first season and every episode is worth the watch. Now I do hope that the second season doesn’t disappoint…

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