tycotic (noun) – a person who is always late and does not apologize for his tardiness

It’s 10 minutes past 10:00pm. I’ve worked 90 minutes longer than required and in 5 minutes, the shuttle service is going to take off. I hurriedly placed all of my belongings on either the laptop bag or the gym bag both of which I was bringing home with me anyway, prepared my tricycle fare, locked my bin, and hurried to the parking lot where the company vans were waiting.

Arriving at the parking lot, I wasn’t surprised that I was the first one there. Not a single tyotic in site. I searched for my battered 4-year-old Nokia phone to reply to a friend then took out my PSP and listened to American Idol mp3s that I just recently downloaded. A few tycotics arrived but none were my shuttlemates. I start to see red. It’s 1030pm. I listen to a couple of songs. It’s 10:35pm. My blood pressure starts to rise exponentially. I listen to a couple of songs. Then I see the two tycotics. They look like they’re on a date, taking a stroll on a deserted beach underneath a full moon. They’re in a hurry. They don’t seem to realize that they’re 25 minutes late. They open the door. I look at them. No apologies. We leave. The tycotics are unusually quiet. I glance at my watch. It’s 11pm. I’m the first to be dropped-off. I alighted from the van with my two bags in seething silence. I don’t say my thank yous.

Tyotics. They make my world a living hell.

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